Super Circular Estate

Super Circular Estate

The project Super Circular Estate joins Crossing Boundaries 2021!

During the Crossing Boundaries 2021 conference, the closing conference of the UIA-project Super Circular Estate will also take place digitally.

On Wednesday 24 March 2021 you can learn more about developing a circular estate based on the best practises in the first circular housing estate. The Super Circular Estate project partners are looking forward to share their knowledge, experiences and lessons.

The Super Circular Estate program consists of several components. In the plenary part you can hear everything about the entire Super Circular Estate project through an overall presentation about the circular area development. After a short break, several project partners will discuss the experiences within the project.

Subsequently, there will be various sub-sessions in which you will learn more about:

  • The experimental circular construction and demolition techniques
  • The closed water cycle in the area
  • How is dealt with social values within such a restructuring
  • How the residents and neighbours are involved
  • How public space can be (re)organized in a circular manner
  • Which studies have been conducted
  • How education is involved in this circular project
  • What the lessons are that we have learned to use the knowledge
  • Expertise gained in new area developments to upscale to realise.

To see the entire project with your own eyes, you can use the Super Circular Estate Virtual Tour all the time! With this virtual tour you can walk through the project area yourself, see all developments and find extra information about the specific parts of this innovative circular project.

Can’t wait? There is more information on or please click here to watch the video.