The project Super Circular Estate joins Crossing Boundaries 2021!

During the Crossing Boundaries 2021 conference, the closing conference of the UIA-project Super Circular Estate will also take place digitally.

On Wednesday 24 March 2021 you can learn more about developing a circular estate based on the best practises in the first circular housing estate. The Super Circular Estate project partners are looking forward to sharing their knowledge, experiences and lessons.

Super Circular Estate is the first circular social housing estate that aims for 100% material and social circularity. Super Circular Estate contributes to a sustainable, low carbon and resource-efficient economy by creating high-quality, desirable urban environment and affordable housing opportunities based on breakthrough innovative material and social circular solutions. Europe’s first circular estate is based in a shrinkage area in Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg in the South of the Netherlands. The objective of the Super Circular Estate is to circularly reuse these values within the project area, whilst boosting the local economy and creating a high-quality and desirable urban environment. The project serves as a best example for similar housing accommodations in the Parkstad Limburg region. This project experiments with new circular economy processes aimed at 100% reusing and recycling of materials acquired from the demolition of an outdated social housing high-rise flat.

The twelve partners in the project all share the national government’s ambition to realize a fully circular economy by 2050 and to inspire others to adopt the principle of circularity. This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Urban Innovative Actions initiative.

More information can be found on the website: or please click here to watch the video.